Boarding dog in Praga

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Mania, shih tzu, 3 years old, 8 kilo. Very friendly and oriented on people. Not interested in other dogs. Will rarely initiate a contact with another god, but never aggressive if being contacted by dogs. The only this - she is not fond of puppies, and if they annoy her too much she can bark. I never heard her barking under other circumstances, she is always quite. She is very curious about cats, probably because she used to live with a cat. She may chaise cats and birds so I always watch out during our walks. But she will never bite a cat, for example, never seen her being aggressive in 3 years. She has EU passport (she is Polish :)), properly vaccinated. I am looking for someone who can love her for 2 weeks and not leaving her alone for longer than a couple of hours. She is comfortable in restaurants, and other places with people. She is a baby of a quarantine so she doesn't know what its like to be ignored or be alone, so I am looking for someone who will appreciate that she is always around, giving you endless love. It is important that this person has good experience with dogs, can clean her eyes daily, and has opportunity to take the dog to the vet if emergency occurs.

28 May - 9 Jun
: Boarding dog

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