• All reservations are made through the platform.
  • If needed or in case there is a problem during or with one of the reservations we are here to find solutions.
  • It is strongly recommended that Pet Owners and Pet sitters schedule a Test Meeting with the pets, before the pet sitting start date, to make sure it's a good fit, the pet is comfortable and everything is ok

Rules for Pet Owners:

  • In order to get in touch with pet sitters you need to activate a access packages
  • to ensure the pet is suitable for pet sitting, that the pet is not agressive or antisocial
  • to provide details about the pet's behaviour, preferences, routine and to inform the pet sitter about the pet's allergies, fleas or ilnesses
  • to notify the sitter in a timely manner about possible reservation cancellations, so they can know how to organize their agenda
  • to pay the sitter in cash before the pet sitting service starts
  • to provide correct information and contact details

Rules for Pet Sitters:

  • to respond to messages, phone calls and reservation requests, in no more than 48h
  • to only send offers for those public requests for which they qualify and have availability
  • to provide correct personal details and accurate details about their experience, boarding space and to upload at least one image of them and the boarding space
  • to treat the pet well and with respect, not hurting the animal and not causing damages in the owenrs house
  • to ensure the boarding space it's appropiate and does not present risks for guest pets and for other pets and family members living in their home
  • to request details about the pet's behaviour, preferences, routine and allergies
  • to provide a quality service and take full responsibility for the performance of their work
  • to allow pet owners to view the boarding space and boarding conditions
  • to send updates during the pet sitting time
  • to notify the pet owner in a timely manner about possible changes or cancellations
  • to be over 18 years and less than 50 years old
  • to declare and pay the taxes to the government, related to the income earned from the finalized reservations.
  • Pet owners have the right to receive a discount of up to 215 Kč or 15% (whichever is smaller) from the booking total value. Example→
  • It's not allowed for pets to be taken care of by someone other than the pet sitter with a verified profile, not even relatives or friends. Unless that person lives in the same home (e.g. spouses), they must apply to become a pet sitter and be verified separately
  • failure to comply with the rules leads to deactivation of the profile and is charged a fee of 300 CZK
  • for ulterior requests outside the platform, from owners initally met on our platform, the pet sitter has to pay an introduction fee of 300 CZK for Doginni.
  • Receiving multiple negative reviews will lead to an assessment of your profile and depending on the case, it may lead to deactivation of the pet sitter profile
  • The pet sitter account can only be used by the person for which the verification has been made

Holiday days for which the increased fee applies:

  • 1 January, Easter (21 April, 28 April), 1 May, 1 June, 15 August,30 Nov-1 December, 24-26 December, 31 December