Boarding dogs in Nová Ves

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Hello My name is Alejandra and ‘ll be moving to Brno around October 10th I am traveling with my pets from Mexico for work with my family and pets. Bruno (3 kg – 11 years) and Camilo (9 kg – 9 years) The first month I’ll be staying in a hotel. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for a permanent place for my family and dogs Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t allow pets. So I am looking for a person that takes care of my dogs at least one month (maybe more) until I find permanent flat. I am considering pets hotel or a dog sitter who can take care of them inside their house all this time. They are very calm pets, usually lazy and used to sleep all day, but as any pet they need to have a walk every day and show of affection. Once we arrive from airport or bus station to Brno, we won’t have their food or their beds. So we would need to leave them with you, then go to purchase all their stuff, and then go back to deliver this to you. This is like how we estimate this will be Do you think you can provide us with this service? They are fully vaccinated and no parasites. Both sterilized. They cannot walk the stairs (back issues). One of them has like 3 epilepsy attacks per year, nothing really difficult to handle. And they have daily medicine. Please consider as well daily photo updates and we would like to visit them during weekends Thank you,

15 Oct - 15 Nov
: Boarding 2 dogs

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