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While I was studying in the US, I volunteered at many shelters, teaching dogs basic skills for them to find a home. The first dog I have adopted was a German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix breed dog that was very stubborn and challenging. Slowly I developed skills that I use till today. Since then I have fostered many shelter dogs and have adopted dogs myself. The next dog I adopted was a Border Collie mix breed with a lot of energy, then a Golden Retriever that was very shy/scared from past experience, and the last one is a grandma German Shepherd that is difficult to handle, but I have successful achieved many goals with her, even though many people have told me that it won't be possible given her age. Recently, I have adopted two cats and my dogs get along very well. I want to devote my time to taking care of dogs and cats for them to have a joyful and healthy lifestyle.

Liberec, Czechia

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