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In mid-March, I will undergo a medical procedure that may leave me unable to walk for at least 10 days and being the sole caregiver for my dog, I won't be able to provide her the exercise she needs during this time. So, I'm looking for a dog walker that could take her out 3 times a day (preferably maintaining our current routine of going out 7am-8am, 1pm-2pm, 7pm-8pm but that can be modified according to your availability) and help her spend her energy in good ways. The dog is a young (just turned 1 year) female German Shepherd mix, very friendly with other dogs and humans. We usually have - per day - 1 outing for exercise (I bike and she runs along), 1 outing for playing with other dogs and playing fetch and 1 outing for walks in the city, training general behavior and practicing specific commands. All together, she is a lovely animal but it has to be noted that she has a high prey drive (squirrels, rabbits, cats, etc.) and an eye should be kept on her. If you are interested in being my savior and substitute for these 12 days, I'd be very glad. Please let me know what kind of offer you could make me for your services. Thank you.

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